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Before engaging in my portfolio the viewer should be aware of my vast abilities and passions. The primary one is clothing, and what it does to the soul. It frames the soul in order for it to be admired, for example: when one sees a movie and they first lay eyes on the protagonist, their apparel is the first thing they notice, and the first piece of information they are given about the character—hence the frame. It isn’t after they start talking that one realizes they have a beautiful soul. The magical thing about this is the person who designs the proper frame for the soul, and this is what fashion and costume designers do. I share a passion with both professions because there is a clear difference between them. The fashion designer writes their own script, while the costume designer is given the challenge to work around the script they are given. The fashion designer thinks about the future, and the costume designer travels throughout time. Regardless, from the start I was aware that I had to understand the master artists from the past to become a master artist in the future, leading me to apply to SCAD. Based on this, I also realized that if I wanted to be successful in this lifetime I would have to learn to read the market and those I would be creating for, hence, my BFA in Fashion Marketing.

manufactured PR, 1996


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